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your LJ dose of puppety goodness [Feb. 10th, 2009|03:09 pm]
Hey! I'm here! Let's see... for those who care ... and those who don't... I workshopped some puppet making with my friends over the weekend and it went better than expected. http://puppetmuse.blogspot.com has a pic of me at the sewing machine with 3 of my 6 participants Jake, Christine and Rich. We got a lot done in a little over 2 hours and it gave me a lot to gauge the 'real' workshop by. I will be leading an actual puppet making workshop with a local children's museum beginning March 14 and continuing for 3 consecutive Saturdays for a total of 4 classes. It's like my first kinda real paying artist gig... like, not selling wares but, being hired for what I do. I am equally nervous and excited.

I got paid to video a lecture for this 'eating sustainably' talk and things weren't communicated and he wanted me to do more work for the editing that I wasn't prepared to do for the little money we discussed. I had to spell everything out and it felt good to be precise about my expectations. The guy understood and then asked what it would cost to film a 2nd lecture and then take the best of the 2 lectures and basically edit the hell out of it. I gave him a new quote. The extensive editing would take a lot of my time and I didn't really want to do it. The quote [with filming] came in around $600 and he called to ask about doing it himself - what he would need, etc because a decent camera is $600 anyway. I gave him ALL the info he needed and was VERY encouraging of him to go the DIY route [without being too obvious about it]. I haven't heard anything yet but, I think I may have steered him in that direction and I won't need to do it - YIPEEEE! I've never been so happy to turn down $600. It's an interesting lesson when you do things like that and say "yeah - I never need to do that for anyone again". I use to build websites for pay and I absolutely despise doing it outside of my own website desires now.

Things with Daniel are still going well. He's such a passionate Papito and he is relaxing to be around. His life is so simple and uncomplicated. He reminds me to chill. Still, he doesn't understand why I keep building puppets. "Again??!" he will ask when I'm working on a puppet. When I told him that I needed to find space for all my puppet stuff, he jokingly offered to help me bring it to the garbage. With the maturity or maybe cultural barrier, he thinks that I spend a crazy amount of time on puppets - time he thinks I should reserve for him somehow - he works 2 jobs and I prefer not to get together late because I go to bed early. Anyway - yeah - it seems there's a little jealousy over the puppets at times but, he's so damn cute about it. I texted him recently a little lude, sexual comment trying to be frisky and later he asked ... "you have time to think about this at work??" Telling me he doesn't think about these things when he's working because he can't. Silly. Every other spare thought I have is wrapped up in planning, creating, people and sex. Can I get an amen??

Got Avenue Q tickets [for my 2nd time] and going with my Mom & Dad [anniversary gift], Sister, brother-in-law Ron and friends Jim and Christine who work with the theater group I help with and who want to eventually produce it when it comes available for community theater. Going Saturday the 21st and can't wait! Vegan dinner at Zen Palate and then, the show.
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New Annie Lennox [Jan. 30th, 2009|04:10 pm]
So - it's only from a 'collection' but, the new single and video is really cute. Liking it a lot... enjoy!

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funny finger puppet [Jan. 28th, 2009|09:00 pm]
The most hysterical finger puppet I've seen in a long time. Great cheeky sense of humor too. Check her out: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_1&listing_id=20308801 - you should know what it is by the 2nd photo.
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Tech advice please... [Jan. 25th, 2009|07:13 pm]
I have not had my website hacked so much as it has been in the past few months. I should mention, in case it means anything, my domains are hosted with IXwebhosting. First, I kept getting this string of code added to my index page so that every time someone visited, they got a malware warning. I replaced the offending html and had to resubmit to google web tools in order to have the warning removed. This happened twice between fall and winter 2008. NOW - I just logged on to my site tonight to find another malware warning but this time, it was an actual hacked page on both my domains stating something about "F... you Israel - US=UN=Israel blah blah blah". I tried to replace the index and could not. I called IX and they stated that they had to reset my permissions to upload - obviously blocked out by the hackers. Now - riddle me this - this is solely a server issue yes?? It's not like someone has MY particular password - they are just getting in via weaknesses in the IX server correct??? And for those of you with domains on other servers - how have you fared with hacking? Is it time for me to up and move from IX?

UPDATE Reading lots of interesting postings online regarding frequent hacks since April 2008. So - how do your domains stack up? I may be packing my bags and moving.
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I have this secret.... [Jan. 25th, 2009|09:41 am]
Did I get your attention? I normally don't rave about services in the e-retail world but, this one has helped my shopping experience by leaps and bounds and I wanted to share it. It's called Shop It To Me at shopittome.com. My good friend James sent me the link and I signed up with a little apprehension but, really, it is so insanely simple. You sign up for the clothing brands, lines, etc that you are interested in. You tell it your sizes etc and I signed up for email alerts once a week - on Sunday. You can sign up for more frequent emails or every time a sale starts on something you are interested in. So - I signed up for Gap, Armani Exchange, Calvin Klein, North Face, Banana Republic - maybe one or two more and every Sunday I'm alerted to the sales on these brands from various online retailers whether it's Macy's or Dillards having an online sale on Calvin Klein or a Gap.com or Armani Online sale, etc... and the clothes are a great buy. I'm not one for spending too much time in a mall checking out clothes that I only half like so, I generally wear clothes until they have holes in them. I am happy to report that in the last couple of months, I have purchased 5 new shirts to replace my older ones. A wardrobe addition of 5 items in 2 months is just unheard of for me so, needless to say, I am ecstatic with this service.

So, yeah - I just came to LJ to rave about clothes. I've been keeping busy with my puppet stuff. I'm going to Jersey City later today to work one on one with another puppeteer on technique and such. Sesame Street Muppets will be on Scrubs this Tuesday night!!! Weeeee! ...and the big one is Friday night - Sesame Street at 40 lecture which I will be attending in Wayne, NJ with a panel of some of the original cast members including Frank Oz and Kevin Clash. Yes - it's puppet month! Saturday, I am testing the puppet workshop flow with my friends at my house so - it's a craft date and we're all making puppets! I don't know if I posted this before but, I also have a puppet blog I've been updating at http://puppetmuse.blogspot.com <check it out if you're interested.
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creativity on puppet steroids [Jan. 11th, 2009|07:19 pm]
Some of my friends, and those who have read my website know that my first passion as a child was puppets. My first hero was Super Grover and the Muppet Show figured heavy into my first fanboy experience til sometime in junior high school. I discovered local theater and because of peer pressure or some nonsense, I felt the puppets were too childish and soon dropped them from my repertoire. I remember during a new school year, my first year of high school, a neighborhood acquaintance saw me on the bus and asked if I still did the puppets. It's crazy how ashamed I felt of them and retorted with a mortified "NO!!" ...like he was accusing me of something.

I'm happy and proud to say that puppetry has come full circle and I've been making new puppets and possibly running a puppet workshop at a local children's museum in the near future. I marveled at the Muppets and wondered how they ever created these creatures when I was a kid and now, every time I make a puppet and the persona starts to develop, I'm even more amazed that I made a puppet! It's a wonderful feeling.

My recent boy puppet is Gustavo - inspired by Daniel. The new girl is Geraldine Alison Flamowitz, a crazy, creative young Jewish girl who loves the color Purple. I'm not too thrilled with her shirt for now but, all her elements are there. The shirt would be the only thing that changes.

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I'm a perpetrator of illegal activity!!! [Jan. 7th, 2009|09:05 am]
Woot woot! In my video on youtube where I make my famous vegan chocolate peanut butter torte, the video ends with a dramatic cutting of said torte. Well - truth be told - it was made dramatic [and funny] by the addition of the music from 2001 - "BA BA BAAA - BA DAAAA! boom boom ... boom boom..." you know it - right? Well - the powers that be found me out man! Email follows.Read more...Collapse )
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puppets n such [Dec. 19th, 2008|04:30 pm]
Surprise - it's a snow day and I was home early today. I felt good because I took my puppets to work [I've made 3] and they elicited smiles and I got to bring in a piece of the authentic me. I enjoyed it. They made an announcement yesterday that, company wide, there would be a freeze on wage increases this year. I work for a newspaper - have you seen the news lately? I'm lucky to still have a job. So, one puppet approached my manager asking "Since David didn't get a raise... you give me money and I'll clean your desk??" She got a kick out of that. I love the shock and amazement when someone asks where you got the puppet and you tell them you made it. Except for the shirt that I bought at Target - yup, I made it!

latest puppet under cutCollapse )

Things are still 'going' with Daniel. He's truly a sweetheart. We have sex but, that's about it. It's too bad it's not more but, for what it is, it's very fun. It's interesting to understand the vast differences between us - not just our different social lives but what we've both been exposed to separately in society and the expectations we have in life. Sometimes I feel like I need to turn him loose and other times I'm compelled to get another hit. I had flu on my stay home vacation a couple weeks ago and recently pulled a muscle so - he was put off by my illness - then we saw each other for a heated session and then put off again for my strained muscle. I was feeling blah because of it. It seems seeing each other so infrequently keeps things at a happy medium too.

You ever feel like a post doesn't properly end and you have to say something like "that's my story"?? or am I just a control freak?
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now THAT'S the Boy Wonder I'm talkin' about! [Dec. 1st, 2008|01:09 pm]

more at age appropriate

EDIT Ooo - even better: http://exterface.com/boywonder/
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life in hi-def [Nov. 16th, 2008|11:59 am]
Ahhhhhh - Sunday funday. Laundry is in the machine. Daniel slept over last night. It was nice but, I am clear I'm not up for a relationship. Sleep is such a precious thing to me and not a lot of it was happening last night and not for the best reasons. True - we had great sex - on the back porch even! It was 65 degrees out last night - that was awesome. Being use to being out with his friends until 3-o-clock in the morning, kept him up later tossing and turning which turned the rest of the night into this battle to steal a few rem moments. Dreams would only prove the stress that was going on in my subconscious. Jared and I never slept well together and I always felt like there was a heap of blame on me for his lack of sleep so, the lack of sleep last night was playing with my head. A couple of driving dreams happened which always signify my state of perceived control [or lack thereof]. I dreamed of driving and my eyes would be shut and I couldn't open them. [Trying to have a life and not knowing where I'm going.] It was just a huge clusterfuck of dreams. Another one started with a friend and I didn't have a car - we only had chairs. It morphed into another friend and then I was in this town that Jared and I visited and the friend morphed into him. I was trying to park the car and the breaks weren't fully engaging when I stepped on them and Jared was getting angry. Lovely. I won't be too quick to have a bed guest again. My folks were visiting relatives in Massachusetts so, I took advantage of the empty house. I like my empty bed and I like it when sex mates GO HOME to their own bed to sleep ;) I made Papi a nice breakfast of a healthy blended berry smoothie and some organic pancakes. I was wearing my Spiderman tshirt and it's cute to see Daniel think he's a little comedian saying "OK Spiderman" and randomly calling me Spiderman during the morning with his adorable Spanish accent.

I purchased a cool hi-def video camera... the canon hv-30 for hi-def 1080/ 16:9 videos and it's not as expensive as one might think. If you haven't checked the HD channel on vimeo, I highly recommend it... http://vimeo.com/hd I'm loving what people do. Very inspiring.

HOT ALERT for all you music fans... I just discovered "What Is Hip - The Remix Project Vol 1" and downloaded it via amazon MP3 downloads. It includes some HOT 70s/80s classic tunes with new hot mixes. I LOVE the Ventura Highway and Dream Weaver mixes but, the entire album is fantastic for a Sunday cleaning day or just to impress the hell out of your friends. "Look what I found!!"
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