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sorbet powers activate [Feb. 18th, 2009|01:22 pm]
Nothing is better on a sore throat than a nice hot cup of tea and natural fruit sorbet. My mom had been sick for over a week with flu symptoms and bronchitis and I felt like I had been fending something off for weeks. Enter Daniel this past weekend and when my throat started to get sore on Monday, I instantly thought it was sexual activity that caused it. I won't go into detail but, you can imagine why. Yesterday, the doctor gave me antibiotics, which I only save for the worst scenarios. I hate being on antibiotics but, sometimes they are necessary. Last night, the fever started and I realized I had probably caught the flu from all the wonderful sick people in my life and sex, if anything, just took my defenses down more.

Messaged with a good friend last night who I always thought 'had the life.' Has his own apartment - corporate job in the city and often goes out drinking with friends. When he told me he was depressed and lonely, I was a little taken aback. He explained that the job isn't fulfilling and he questions who his friends are. He just goes out to drink to numb himself in attempts to forget the relationship he once had over a year ago. I remember the relationship just wasn't working but, wow, to hear him upset about it now was unexpected. I felt bad for him and it made me contemplate how we all cope... whether it's drinking, drugs, sex, food or something 'healthier' like media [movies/ games]. Humans are a fascinating creature.

From: chrisopotamus
2009-02-19 04:39 am (UTC)
aH. Sorry to hear you're feeling bad. :/ Sorbet DOES help! :) When I have a sore throat, I survive on Lucky Charms soaked in milk. Something about those marshmallows!
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