Ottawa Canada

Heading to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada this weekend for a puppet building workshop [learning new skills]. I will have some time to eat and veg Saturday and Sunday night - likely enough time to just eat and watch a movie or something as workshop ends at 5pm each night. However, if there is something I should try to see while in town in those early evening hours, I am open to suggestions. Anyone ... anyone??

yes - the jacket arrived

I was preparing to frost 24 chocolate raspberry [crack] cupcakes and the mail carrier arrived yesterday with a package from the UK!! With 2 hours before I was to leave for the party, my jacket was finally here!! It was a warm, spring day and I was at odds with my decision to wear these skinny black slacks that hugged my legs [too hot] when I remembered that I still had the pants from 1988 that my friend James 'made' for me when he sewed red into the side crease of an old pair of parachute pants and fashioned Michael Jackson-esque buckles down each side. I wore them to the Bad tour bitches! Weeeeee! My 80s outfit was the most 80s and I had a great time.

Thanks USPS!!

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the United States Postal Service customs for protecting these United States from my brand new jacket from the UK. It was shipped on the 8th, arrived in NY on the 9th and held up in customs since. I live a mere 60 miles from NYC and, over a week later, have still not received my new jacket that I was going to wear to a party tomorrow evening. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck. One more mail delivery [4pm Saturday] for a fashion miracle to occur.

My best friend of almost 25 years is having his 40th and encouraged people to dress 80s for his 80s themed party. I ordered a classic Adam Ant-style, goth/pirate jacket for the occasion. I have a stand-by but, it's not nearly as decadent.

Support For My New Puppet Company

If you feel comfortable passing along this information, please do. I'm in the beginning stages of fund-raising for my puppet company Up In Arms. As some of you may know, it's been an exciting month teaching my first puppet-making workshop at the Interactive Museum in Middletown, NY. It's given me a huge creative boost and I look forward to developing shows and performing with my puppets. I designed this fun, hip t-shirt that I hope will help raise some funds. The information is as follows:

My company's tag-line "Grab Life by the Puppet!" is an ultra cute & hip t-shirt ...for anyone with a quirky sense of humor or staunch puppet lover/ puppeteer. I'm raising funds for my new puppet company Up In Arms. It's already had a terrific start with my puppet making workshop at the Interactive Museum in Middletown, NY. Plans are under way to develop programs for local schools and libraries as well as theatrical shows geared toward adults. Purchasing a t-shirt for $20 goes a long way toward the cost of much needed puppet building supplies, show equipment, hardware etc. 100 shirts would be great, 200 would be wonderful and 500 would be just amazing. Pre-order today and reserve your size and color. Shirts are 100% cotton, American Apparel, professional silk screened. Available in red and yellow. Check out http://upinarms.biz/Shop.html

random wednesday musings

It's been 5 days since andywarholswig has posted. Weird how you notice someone's absence. misinsatiable has been CRAZY absent too. Hello? Come back. Because of Michael Jackson night, I had to watch idol last night and was craving a commentary by andywarholswig. Really - they are seriously lacking in personality this year. I liked maybe 3 or 4 of them and still - meh. Who cares? I'm not much of a tv person to begin with.

Went shopping tonight and Daniel was working. I see him standing there in t-shirt and jeans. He wears fashion well but, isn't a fashion plate. He just looks fucking adorable and I want to eat him up always. He complained of being hot. I could sense the heat coming from him but, the store was cool. It was the produce section! He just can't help being a young, hot latino :) I can't believe I've been 'seeing' him for 6 months and the relationship feels good and fresh. Partly because we only see each other once or twice a week and partly because there's just a lot of humor. I like that there hasn't been a rush to say "I love you" though I'm sure it's been on both of our minds at times. Sometimes I feel it and sometimes I absolutely don't so - it's good I've kept it mum. Just feels like it keeps the relationship more mature, realistic I suppose. I always have this need/want to be able to support me and my love interest but, on an artists salary, it ain't gonna happen anytime soon. Other times, I believe I don't want that responsibility and still crave coming and going as I wish. Honestly though, I have no need to get my physical needs filled anywhere else. He just does it for me and it rocks. Mmmmmmmm.

My puppet workshop begins this Saturday! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! ...said in Kermit's voice. I have to finish my notes for the workshop so, really must be going. My niece and nephew finished their puppets this past Sunday if you are interested - check: http://puppetmuse.blogspot.com/

work write up

Just documenting for shits and giggles. After having a bitch of a time with job stress last year, I got into this head space where I couldn't let the petty wenches get me down anymore and secretly BEG the universe that they fire me. That's not to say I act up or piss anyone off - quite the contrary. I'm a happy co-worker and a good team player so, when my supervisor [cold fish] slapped me with a write-up today for 'causing' over $2000 in credits to be written in my department, I practically laughed it off and gave a good, well-thought, written response. March 1, we all 'fear' they will be cutting more jobs. I'm just hoping this is the set-up to justify letting me go.
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healing in erasure heaven

First day I'm feeling slightly human again. The fever broke and was only 99 this morning. Had been 100+ for 3 days. LOVING the new Pop Remixed - erasure remix album. Always loved me some remixes. It's erasure heaven today :)

sorbet powers activate

Nothing is better on a sore throat than a nice hot cup of tea and natural fruit sorbet. My mom had been sick for over a week with flu symptoms and bronchitis and I felt like I had been fending something off for weeks. Enter Daniel this past weekend and when my throat started to get sore on Monday, I instantly thought it was sexual activity that caused it. I won't go into detail but, you can imagine why. Yesterday, the doctor gave me antibiotics, which I only save for the worst scenarios. I hate being on antibiotics but, sometimes they are necessary. Last night, the fever started and I realized I had probably caught the flu from all the wonderful sick people in my life and sex, if anything, just took my defenses down more.

Messaged with a good friend last night who I always thought 'had the life.' Has his own apartment - corporate job in the city and often goes out drinking with friends. When he told me he was depressed and lonely, I was a little taken aback. He explained that the job isn't fulfilling and he questions who his friends are. He just goes out to drink to numb himself in attempts to forget the relationship he once had over a year ago. I remember the relationship just wasn't working but, wow, to hear him upset about it now was unexpected. I felt bad for him and it made me contemplate how we all cope... whether it's drinking, drugs, sex, food or something 'healthier' like media [movies/ games]. Humans are a fascinating creature.

Coraline and the weekend wrap-up

Coraline was wonderful. I thought it was a great mix of entertainment and Neil Gaiman darkness. I admit, I didn't do much research on the film beyond knowing Gaiman wrote the original so, it was extra special to find out Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders were voicing two of the characters. One local theater was screening it in 3D and I was unaware their normal $9.50 ticket price was spiked to $12 for a 3D feature. O well. Luckily, I can afford it and my Papito enjoyed it as well. [Sorry em-j but, he technically is a Papito and I MUST call him that... he's too cute.] We saw the 9:20 show and got home around 11:30. I was BEAT. Saturday night, we went to Karma Road - avoiding the Valentine restaurant crowds and then went back to my house for some snuggle time. Daniel got me a couple of nice, printed, organic cotton t-shirts as a Valentine gift. I don't know how serious this is getting but, yikes, physically, he still turns me on like CRAZY after almost 6 months of this non-dating dating dance that we're doing.... and I'm 99.9% sure we've both been completely monogamous during this time too. The awesome thing is - I'm keeping my cool and my inspiration and have been more busy than ever with everything. His sense of humor keeps me laughing too.

Went to my friend Christine's to talk details about DJ-ing her daughter's Sweet 16. Her daughter is like a niece to me and a real bright and wonderful kid... theater brat like me and just a good egg. I'll be tag-team DJ-ing with my friend Rich.

I'm amazed at the amount of running around - errands - laundry - food prep - I handle on Sundays. It turns out to be the busiest and most accomplished day of the week.

My mom had been sick with the flu and I feel like I've been fighting it off all week. Just generally tired and the throat has been sore but that could have been caused by other activities shared with the Papito. Immunity Defense vitamins, orange juice and throat lozenges have been taken steadily.

Avenue Q [my 2nd time] planned for Saturday! Yippee!