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work write up [Feb. 24th, 2009|06:47 pm]
Just documenting for shits and giggles. After having a bitch of a time with job stress last year, I got into this head space where I couldn't let the petty wenches get me down anymore and secretly BEG the universe that they fire me. That's not to say I act up or piss anyone off - quite the contrary. I'm a happy co-worker and a good team player so, when my supervisor [cold fish] slapped me with a write-up today for 'causing' over $2000 in credits to be written in my department, I practically laughed it off and gave a good, well-thought, written response. March 1, we all 'fear' they will be cutting more jobs. I'm just hoping this is the set-up to justify letting me go.

First - when I was out sick last week with a fever AND a doctor's note, I got my supervisor on the phone once and told her I wasn't coming in and she had that 'tone' just telling me I better have a doctor's note to come back to work. First of all - yes, of course and, secondly, what typical low brow pettiness. Not a word of concern, not even "get better". So, there were 2 incidences where I was basically given paperwork to do ads for someone at the last minute, one - I had the wrong digital file to run in the paper and the customer didn't like the way it looked in the paper and demanded a credit - the sales rep supplied me with the wrong file and the second credit was when someone gave me paperwork for a copy change that was not suppose to run until the following week. I should have never been given the paperwork in the first place but, I am at fault because I failed to look at the date at the top of the paper.

Next - my supervisor went on about my supposed negative attitude and lack of focus because when she gave me the new design for the dining guide page it looked like shit and I dared ask her why it was changing. She has this "don't dare question me - just do it" attitude and, because of that I'm negative and lack focus.

I ended my reply with: I have been and will continue to be a co-worker who laughs with and enjoys his fellow employees. I stop to talk with some and offer a smile on a regular basis. I’m a grown man who has brought puppets to work to entertain all who take that moment to laugh at the silliness of it all. Let my occasional negativity be a sign that something is not right with the workplace – not me. Let’s focus on the real problems of this department.