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Coraline and the weekend wrap-up [Feb. 15th, 2009|08:20 pm]
Coraline was wonderful. I thought it was a great mix of entertainment and Neil Gaiman darkness. I admit, I didn't do much research on the film beyond knowing Gaiman wrote the original so, it was extra special to find out Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders were voicing two of the characters. One local theater was screening it in 3D and I was unaware their normal $9.50 ticket price was spiked to $12 for a 3D feature. O well. Luckily, I can afford it and my Papito enjoyed it as well. [Sorry em-j but, he technically is a Papito and I MUST call him that... he's too cute.] We saw the 9:20 show and got home around 11:30. I was BEAT. Saturday night, we went to Karma Road - avoiding the Valentine restaurant crowds and then went back to my house for some snuggle time. Daniel got me a couple of nice, printed, organic cotton t-shirts as a Valentine gift. I don't know how serious this is getting but, yikes, physically, he still turns me on like CRAZY after almost 6 months of this non-dating dating dance that we're doing.... and I'm 99.9% sure we've both been completely monogamous during this time too. The awesome thing is - I'm keeping my cool and my inspiration and have been more busy than ever with everything. His sense of humor keeps me laughing too.

Went to my friend Christine's to talk details about DJ-ing her daughter's Sweet 16. Her daughter is like a niece to me and a real bright and wonderful kid... theater brat like me and just a good egg. I'll be tag-team DJ-ing with my friend Rich.

I'm amazed at the amount of running around - errands - laundry - food prep - I handle on Sundays. It turns out to be the busiest and most accomplished day of the week.

My mom had been sick with the flu and I feel like I've been fighting it off all week. Just generally tired and the throat has been sore but that could have been caused by other activities shared with the Papito. Immunity Defense vitamins, orange juice and throat lozenges have been taken steadily.

Avenue Q [my 2nd time] planned for Saturday! Yippee!